Five GTA 6 Leaks That Will Blow Your Mind

1. GTA 6 Cars

The Cars in GTA 6 will be different.  There gonna be special Key(Slim Jim ) to unlock the door of the car.

2.  Sea Animals

There's gonna be high end level of detailing in the Seas and other water bodies . Sea Animals like dolphins, turtles and Sharks will also be included in GTA 6 Seas.

3. Girls Necklace

The level of detail in GTA 6 will be so Insane that the bracelet on your main character will move.

4. Puzzles

There's going to be some type of puzzles in the game. Based on the leaks, we could see some events called Fairyland Force Puzzle and Construction site puzzle.

5. Chill, Flex & Trendy 

There's player actions such as chill, flex, and trendy. These actions will be triggered in some type of action.

Bonus Info

Last but not the least. Based on the GTA 6 trailer, Social media networks will have significant impact on the story of your main character.

6.Social Media